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Welcome to Speech and Feeding Advice

Speech and Feeding Advice was created as a platform for sharing ideas with professionals and families in order to provide insight in to stimulating speech, play, behavior and mealtime skills.
Speech And Feeding Advice believes that a holistic approach in treating young children is most effective. This blog will focus on young children with feeding issues, including picky eaters, and those with language processing, oral motor deficits and Autism.

Lori Nachtigal Rothschild has a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Teachers College-Columbia University. She has worked for over 20 years specializing in Pediatric Speech and Feeding disorders. Lori, also, has served as a Clinical Supervisor, and Quality Assurance Manager, for several New York City agencies. Lori recently published a children’s book, on selective eating, titled “Picky Patty Learns not to Be so Picky”.

Picky Patty

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my children’s picture book “Picky Patty Learns Not To Be So Picky”. I had originally written this story, back in 2014, in order to help my own daughter with her eating struggles. I never imagined that I would actually publish.

As I continued to work as a Speech and Feeding Therapist the lines from this story began to resonate. I was often recommending many of the same strategies. The families I worked with had similar struggles, getting their little ones to try new foods, especially proteins.

Eventually the appendix and family friendly strategies evolved, as I realized this book to be a self help feeding book for both young children and their parents. Purchase on Amazon